The Twilight Gift Exchange

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Welcome to the Twilight Gift Exchange!

This community may contain posts of an adult nature. They will be clearly marked. Do not read these posts if you are under the age of 18.

Moderators: ginny_weasley31 & sshg316

Exchange email address: twilightenablers@gmail.com

If you have any questions or if you have a complaint, please email the moderators.

Twilight Gift Exchange Rules

1. Membership to the community is open to anyone with a LiveJournal account, but only the moderators have posting access.

2. To participate, you do not have to have a LiveJournal account. Although we recommend one, because it’s fun!

3. How does this work? The moderators will announce an upcoming round 1-2 weeks before the sign-up post is available. Sign-ups will last either two weeks or until all of the slots are full. The moderators will assign you a recipient with a set of prompts and you have until the due date to turn in your gift.

4. Only a limited number of participates will be allowed in this round.

5. If you are under the age of 18 you may not write or receive anything above a T rating.

6. You may sign up with a co-author, if you so choose. Be sure to sign up jointly, in one post. Do not sign up separately.

7. Each fic must be at least 1,500 words. There is no maximum, but you don’t need to write a novel. Please keep in mind that you do have a deadline when thinking about length. Do not submit works in progress. All works must be complete.

8. Artwork can be in a variety of forms. Digital, manips, sketches, paintings, fanvids, etc. However, we need to be able to post it. Images can be no larger than 800 x 600 and we would prefer it if NC-17 rated artwork be at a minimum.

9. Do not discuss your assignment with your recipient. This is an anonymous gift exchange. If you have questions regarding the prompts or your recipient's preferences, contact the mods, and we will contact the recipient and forward the answers to you.

10. It is your responsibility to have your story beta'd and coded properly when the story is submitted. This includes the proper html and LJ-specific coding. While we DO NOT require your story to be beta read, we highly encourage it. It is a nice idea to make your story all pretty for your recipient. There are also several resources for locating a beta reader. Here are a few of them:

Twilighted Forum
Perfect Imagination

11. We will do our best to ensure all participants have a gift in exchange for their contribution. However, this cannot be guaranteed. If you take part and the person for whom you are writing/drawing drops out, we may not be able to find a pinch hitter. In that case, your work will be posted to the community at large or to someone who provided a pinch hit for us.

12. The Twilight Exchange is about community, not just about receiving gifts. Please join the community so you can keep track of exchange posts. Taking part in the exchange includes participating, reviewing, and supporting others. No flames, no wank, and lots of squee, even if you don't strictly mean it. This is not the place for criticism or cat fights.

When emailing in your gift, please use the following template as your header:



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